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clim 2.0 color dialog code

    Date: Mon, 10 Aug 1992 23:43 EDT
    From: Philip Chu-Summer 92 <>

    Thanks, I found your color demo helpful in clearing up a lot of
    points. I am still puzzled by one aspect of slider callbacks.
    Originally, I defined a method on DRAG-CALLBACK, but that didn't seem
    to have any effect, so I switched to VALUE-CHANGED-CALLBACK. I noticed
    in your example that you define identical methods on both. Are they
    both called when the slider is dragged, or is one supposed to
    supersede the other?

VALUE-CHANGED-CALLBACK gets invoked when the "final" value of the slider
is set.  On most toolkits, this happens when you release the mouse button.

DRAG-CALLBACK gets invoked as you drag the slider indicator around with
the mouse button pressed.  Obviously, the very last DRAG-CALLBACK and
the VALUE-CHANGED-CALLBACK will probably have the same value.


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