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clim 2.0 color dialog code

   Date: Fri, 7 Aug 1992 12:33-0400
   From: Scott McKay <>

       Date: Wed, 5 Aug 1992 20:00 EDT
       From: Philip Chu-Summer 92 <>

	<message deleted>

   By coincidence, I had literally just started writing a little "color
   editor" demo when this message came in.  This is what I came up with.

   There are a few things to notice:
    - the slightly different callback function for the Exit button
    - the way the RGB sliders are linked to the IHS sliders
    - different way of painting the color swatch, which is lower overhead
      than changing the medium backgound of the display pane
    - use of the PANE-FRAME function rather than *APPLICATION-FRAME*

   Note that you seem not have a complete implementation of COLOR-RGB and
   COLOR-IHS -- I just did those recently.  Also, I had to fix a bug in
   WINDOW-VIEWPORT for panes that do not have scrollbars.

	<code deleted>

Thanks, I found your color demo helpful in clearing up a lot of
points. I am still puzzled by one aspect of slider callbacks.
Originally, I defined a method on DRAG-CALLBACK, but that didn't seem
to have any effect, so I switched to VALUE-CHANGED-CALLBACK. I noticed
in your example that you define identical methods on both. Are they
both called when the slider is dragged, or is one supposed to
supersede the other?

Phil Chu
Artificial Intelligence Research Branch
NASA Ames Research Center

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