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Re: Strange (to me) behavior with define-command

    Date: Mon, 24 Aug 1992 10:39 EDT
    From: Jeff Close <>

       If an instance of class B is presented, then which command is accessible by
       the :edit gesture depends on the order that the commands are defined.  If
       edit-A is defined first, then edit-B is never accessible.  If edit-B is
       defined first, then everything is OK.  

       It doesn't explicitly say so in the documentation, but I would (and did)
       assume that the translator for the most specific presentation type would be
       accessible before any others.  I can always explicitly define the
       translators manually with the right priority values, or use a tester for
       edit-A to make sure that the objects are not B's, but I think this
       should be handled automatically.  Comments?

    I had exactly the same behavior in some of my code.  I had explicitly
    defined presentation translators, though.  I didn't ask about it at
    the time, and I solved it by doing what you described -- using type
    testers in the translators.   Anyone have a  comment about why this is

Nobody said what version of CLIM they are using, or on what platform.

It's just a bug, which has been fixed in CLIM 2.0.  The bug was that
CLIM failed to search the translators in class precedence order; now
it does.

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