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Incompatibility of ctv-menu and CLIM 1.1

After installing CLIM 1.1 (incl. sources) under Genera 8.1.1 we ran  
into an CLX error when calling MENU-CHOOSE from the (unsupported, I  
know) package CTV-MENU. The bug consisted in a method call for  
setting window manager size hints which was applied to nil.
As we hadn't encountered this problem in CLIM 1.0 we traced the bug  
down to the method

in the file CLX-IMPLEMENTATION.LISP. There the SIZE-HINTS object of  
the menu window is accessed and size hint values for the window  
manager under CLX are set. Obviously, the menu window doesn't  
ususally have this size hints object, thus leading to the bug.
We fixed this by checking first if SIZE-HINTS is non-nil before  
accessing slot values of it.
Is this a known bug or does it depend on our version of CTV-MENU?

Bernd Wild

Bernd Wild                                       

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