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output records and presentations

    Date: Thu, 27 Aug 1992 11:41 EDT
    From: Tom Trinko <>

    I'm converting a dw application to clim, genera 8.1 clim 1.1, and I'm having a
    problem with changing the display.  I represent an object as a text string with
    an outline rectangle around it.   The length of the string can change depending
    upon the underlying state of the object.  Under dw I used erase-displayed-
    presentation in a before method associated with the display method for the
    object.  This erased the old display prior to drawing the new display.  

One quick question: did you try using the DW->CLIM conversion tools
in Genera?

    Question whats the right way to do this in clim?

    I tried using erase-output-record on the presentation but it turns out that
    the presentation is not a displayed-output-record-element.  It is an output-record though.  The parent of the objects presentation is the history record.
    I don't understand how the presentation can not be a displayed-output-record
    element since the objects display is on the screen and mouse sensitive.

    Thanks of any help.

    By the way i strongly recommend that a manual of example translations be 
    published showing how to go from dw to clim.  It'd make porting, and hence
    using symbolics machines as development platforms, a lot easier.  


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