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bitblit.lisp added to clim library

Bitblt.lisp was posted some time ago to this mailing list.  Now
its in the library.  It implements pixmaps, bitblt, and rotated
strings for clim 1 (genera and X ports).

    Date: Mon, 14 Sep 1992 02:09 EDT
    From: "John C. Mallery" <>

    How come there is almost nothing in the library?  Nobody uses CLIM?  Nobody
    writes application independent code?  It's all a trade secret headed for the
    patent office?

    Date: Mon, 14 Sep 1992 11:12-0400
    From: Scott McKay <>

    I would also like to know the answers to these questions...  In my
    opinion, a major reason for the success of X Windows is the sheer extent
    of the stuff publicly available for X Windows.  I don't think CLIM can
    be successful without a similar effort.  Of course, CLIM itself may be
    too immature or limited to support such an effort.  I don't know, but I
    would like to.

Well, I heard about the library less than a month ago.
Also, I find it very hard to extend clim 1 to do interesting new things,
and though clim 2 is well designed for extensions, very few copies
are yet released.

jeff morrill


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