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Re: The cost of CLIM and its future

    Date: Thu, 17 Sep 1992 17:15 EDT
    From: Arun Welch <>

    This discussion has digressed pretty far from the original intent of this list,
    and I'm willing to drop it or take it to mail if someone really wants to
    continue, after making the following two points:

    1) CLIM is really pretty neat. Despite any impressions I may have
    left by my comments of the last two days, I really think it serves a 
    purpose for some collection of Lisp users, and from a technical standpoint
    I've got to admire it.

    2) It's gonna have a hard time gaining support until it's affordable to
    the educational market. You can substitute Lisp for CLIM in this statement
    too. Lisp is gonna have a hard time gaining market share as long as it's
    expensive for small colleges, tech schools, and public universities to
    be able to buy it.

I wholly agree.  I think you should be bringing this up, again and again,
with the sales and marketing departments of the vendors that presently
sell Lisp on platforms that are affordable at universities (Suns and Macs
come immediately to mind): Lucid, Franz, and definitely Apple.

I think the investigating the possible status of CLIM on CMU CL is also
worthwhile, and I will try to do this.  No promises, though, since there
are a lot of conflicting interests here.

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