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Re: The cost of CLIM and its future

>     too. Lisp is gonna have a hard time gaining market share as long as it's
>     expensive for small colleges, tech schools, and public universities to
>     be able to buy it.
> I wholly agree.  I think you should be bringing this up, again and again,
> with the sales and marketing departments of the vendors that presently
> sell Lisp on platforms that are affordable at universities (Suns and Macs
> come immediately to mind): Lucid, Franz, and definitely Apple.

Believe me, I do. For obvious reasons, I don't push Medley here at
OSU, so we've also got a site license with Franz, and I grumble at them
constantly about the cost :-). I also have bitched long and hard in
Venue about Medley's university prices, and I think these have finally
had a result in that Medley for DOS (and hopefully Mac too) is being
priced at $250 single copy and I think $2500 for a site license (don't
hold me to those prices, I'm not up on the latest pricesheet).  I
tried to talk them into giving it away and charging for support ala
GNU and Cygnus, but for some reason that's never been accepted :-). We
are also working on setting up a University Grants program, which was
how a lot of places got Xerox dmachines in the first place. This is
also something that the LIC should be addressing, but that
organisation is still in the bootstrap phase.



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