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presentation coordinates, or FORMATTED-CELL coordinates

    Date: Fri, 18 Sep 1992 16:14 EDT
    From: Jeff Close <>

    Greetings.. great to be back on the net and this list.

    My question: I'm presenting a small graphic  within a
    formatting-cell, within a formatting-table.  How can I either a) get
    the coordinates where the item is being presented within the
    formatting call, or b) keep the presentation and later look at its
    coordinates.  Either will do.  Should this be obvious to me?  I  can't
    seem to use stream-cursor-position* within the formatting cell call.


I don't understand what you are really trying to do.

Maybe this will help: a table cell is created and position by (1)
calling the user code to create the body of the cell, (2) figuring out
the smallest rectangle that enclosed all of the ink in the cell (note
that the bounding rectangle does not count cursor movement), and (3)
positioning that rectangle at the proper place in the table.

What this means is that, it doesn't matter what coordinate system you
cell output in, because CLIM will always move it to the same place in
the table.  So if you just pick a normalized coordinate system (by using
WITH-LOCAL-COORDINATES, for example), then it should be easy to compute
what you need to know.  Reading and setting the STREAM-CURSOR-POSITION*
within a cell is not likely to win.

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