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Re: CLIM functionality

> I'd like to support this view and to add that when NOT using Genera, an integrated,
> extensible and customizable editor is often missing. Although using Emacs 
> on UNIX workstations may be an alternative [which has been choosen by
> several Lisp Vendors for their development environments], the impact on portability and difficulties
> with the integration are important arguments against this approach.

Actually, I think the approach that Franz has taken by providing an
editor protocol and hooks to emacs is the right route. Vendors who
don't support emacs have been chastised severely. By providing the
hooks from the implementation the user can use whatever editor they want.

> Tools going beyond text editing [such as hypertext systems] could also significantly facilitate 
> application development.

Aie. I'd propose that a hypertext system is beyond the scope of CLIM, and is
properly an application. It's a non-trivial task, and adding that to the stuff
that the CLIM vendors must support at this level is really going to either
skyrocket the price or bankrupt them. Since I use a hypertext system as a
part of my development environment I certainly agree that it facilitates
that process, however I'm not convinced that I would expect my CLIM vendor to
support the product. I use a mail system every day too, and I certainly don't
expect my CLIM vendor to support it. We're getting back to the argument that
expecting too much functionality from CLIM is gonna kill us all.



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