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>    Date: Mon, 28 Sep 92 13:22:56 CDT
>    From: (Rodney Daughtrey)
>    References: <9209252203.AA06593@oakland-hills.lucid>
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>    >    Date: Fri, 25 Sep 92 16:01:35 CDT
>    >    From: Rodney Daughtrey <>
>    >    Reply-To:

>    >    I have an application in which I use a TRACKING-POINTER form to draw
>    >    cross-hairs (which move with the mouse) over rectangular
>    >    presentations.  As long as I move the mouse slowly, the cross-hair
>    >    animation works fine (erase where you were, draw where you are now).
>    >    However, when I move the mouse quickly from one rectangular
>    >    presentation to another, garbage lines appear in seemingly random
>    >    places in the pane I'm tracking.

>    The code you sent works perfectly for me also in Genera 8.1.1 and CLIM
>    1.1.  I tried a very simple version of my cross-hair code, and it also
>    worked perfectly.

>    I still suspect CLIM...

*** A thousand pardons --- CLIM is not at fault --- I am ***.

In short, I had a bug in the semaphore-like approach I was using to
keep track of whether or not the :POINTER-MOTION clause had been run
(on mouse-sweeps from presentation to presentation) to draw and erase

Sorry to waste everyone's time.  I'll try to test more carefully
before posting in the future.

-- Rodney

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