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clim 1.1 questions

    Date: Thu, 15 Oct 1992 21:51 EDT
    From: Fredric M White <fwhite@BBN.COM>

    I've just started using clim 1.1, and I must say it's much nicer than 1.0 was.
    But I've run into a few problems that maybe some of you climmers out there 
    have already solved.

    CLIM 1.1
    Lucid 4.0.2
    sun sparc

    - Scrolling a partially occluded CLIM window seems to leave behind blank areas.
      Looks like allow-graphics-exposures needs to be set down in xlib or something.

I think this is fixed in CLIM 2.0

    - How to notice when a window is iconified or deiconified.

This is definitely fixed in CLIM 2.0

    - How to open a window stream with :edges-from :mouse.

I don't know about this, since I'm no X-pert.

    - How to destroy a toplevel window.  Deleting a window from twm causes all sorts of
      nasty things to happen.

I think this is also fixed in CLIM 2.0

    - How to disable the right click menu on a command menu item (where the only entry in the
      popmenu is the solitary command).

There is not really any good way to do this.

    Thanks in advance!

    --Fred White

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