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clim 1.1 questions

    Date: Fri, 16 Oct 1992 06:04 EDT
    From: Markus Fischer <MF@sun4.sger>

	Date: Fri, 16 Oct 1992 02:51+0100
	From: Fredric M White <fwhite@BBN.COM>

	I've just started using clim 1.1, and I must say it's much nicer than 1.0 was.
	But I've run into a few problems that maybe some of you climmers out there 
	have already solved.

	CLIM 1.1
	Lucid 4.0.2
	sun sparc

	- How to disable the right click menu on a command menu item (where the only entry in the
	  popmenu is the solitary command).

    We hate that one, too. Look at the variable clim::*presentation-menu-translator*, it contains
    the translator that is responsible for that behavior.
    Don't set it to NIL, then you will run into trouble. Set it to a translator that does nothing
    or that is never applicable.

I recommend against doing this.


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