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    Date: Tue, 20 Oct 1992 17:10 EDT
    From: Brian Anderson <>

    I would like to augment the presentation translator for the select
    gesture.  Consider the following.  I have a command with one argument.
    When the argument for that command is being accepted (after mousing on
    the menu item for the command), I would like the select translator to
    *activate* the command with the selected presentation as if I had
    subsequently typed an activation character.

I personally think this it is a bad idea for command line interfaces to
activate without some sort of confirmation in cases like this, but this
is your user interface and hence your decision.

Anyway, there is not presently any way to do this in CLIM.  It would
probably take a bit of thought to come up with a translator to do this
because of the way command line processing works.

    BTW - why do presentations selected with the select translator (or any
    other translator for that matter) not appear in the presentation's

No real reason except that I probably felt when I wrote that code that
doing so would just clutter the history.  There was no real design
decision here, it just happened during implementation.

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