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   Date: Tue, 20 Oct 1992 18:04-0400
   From: Scott McKay <>

       Date: Tue, 20 Oct 1992 17:10 EDT
       From: Brian Anderson <>

       I would like to augment the presentation translator for the select
       gesture.  Consider the following.  I have a command with one argument.
       When the argument for that command is being accepted (after mousing on
       the menu item for the command), I would like the select translator to
       *activate* the command with the selected presentation as if I had
       subsequently typed an activation character.

   Anyway, there is not presently any way to do this in CLIM.  It would
   probably take a bit of thought to come up with a translator to do this
   because of the way command line processing works.

Is there only one command/translator combination that you want to
behave in this way?  That is, are most of your other commands
multi-argument commands or ones in which you want the user to hit
Return as confirmation?  If so, there isn't any good way to do what
you want.  However, if you want your application to be more
mouse-based than keyboard-based you can get the behavior you want by
running with the "menu" command interaction style.  The easies way to
do this is to create a frame with no :interactor pane.


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