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Using Colors in accepting - values?


I have a color problem with accepting-values. In the accepting-values  
I define accepts with different colors.
(accepting-values (stream :own-window t :resynchronize-every-pass t)
   (with-drawing-options (stream :ink +red+)
     (setf val1 

           (accept 'string :stream stream :default val1)))
   (with-drawing-options (stream :ink +blue+)
     (setf val2
           (accept 'string :stream stream :default val2))))

If CLIM create the window all is fine. The strings have the given 

color. If I change one value all items, will be drawn in the  
medium-foreground color. I suppose the accept doesn't regonize the  
drawing options and the accepting-values would not call the whole  
body again. 

The only solution that I known is to define a new presentation type  
with a special accept-method. But this is in my opinion a wrong way.

I would be graceful, if someone have a good idea.




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