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Problems with Animation

Environment: Allegro 4.1, CLIM 1.1, SPARC, X11R5, tvtwm

Hi there,
  I have difficulties in getting some animations to work.
Graphical output seems to be buffered somehow in my CLIM:

		;; Assume something like this in a command
		(format pane "Doing something")
		(format pane "Doing something else")
		;; Both Strings will not appear until the
                ;; command is finished.

What are the rules for buffering graphical output. How can I force
the actual output to be done?



Gerd Herzog                           
FB 14 - Informatik
Universitaet des Saarlandes
Im Stadtwald 15
D-6600 Saarbruecken 11                          +49-681-302-4135
Federal Republic of Germany


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