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color in clim on Genera

I'm on a MacIvory III with Genera 8.1.1 and CLIM 1.1.

I'm drawing in color in one of the panes of my app-frame.  But when this
frame gets deselected (because I go to another one for example), it gets
"grayed out" and put in black.  When I come back to it, everything is in
black and white.

I didn't find any solution to this in the manual nor in the demos.  The
clim 1.1 release note specifies that to get color under genera, one must
specify :screen color:color-screen to clim:open-root-window...  But what
if I don't use it?  I'm using 

(clim:define-application-frame NANESSE-NETWORK-CONFIGURATION
			  nil ...

(clim:define-genera-application NANESSE-NETWORK-CONFIGURATION
				:select-key #\c)

Any suggestions?

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