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Re: scaling problem

I complained about this a few months ago within the context of a 
with-output-to-postscript-stream and using format-graph-from-root,
but the clim gods had no mercy. I think the placement of regular 
text fonts ought to transform even if the font itself does not, but
at the time I was complaining about I didn't hear anybody else's
support so I just gave up pursuing the issue.

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> From Wed Nov 18 11:23:22 1992
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> Date: Wed, 18 Nov 1992 07:21:39 -0800
> From: Tom Trinko <>
> Subject: scaling problem
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> Symbolics 8.1.1 CLIM 1.1
> I'm trying to scale a display but I'm having problems.  I put a with-scaling 
> form around
> the code which draws the display.   That properly scales lines and shapes but 
> it doesn't seem
> to effect text.  I realize that the text size doesn't scale but the text 
> placement doesn't seem 
> to scale either which is a problem.  Here's an outline of what I'm doing
> (defmethod display-self
>     (with-scaling (stream  .9)
>      (loop over objects to display
>       (present object))))
> in the present for the objects the code looks like
>    (with-drawing-options  (stream :ink newink)
>     (draw-circle*
>     (surrounding-text-with-border  
>       (with-text-style
>           (with-drawing-options  (stream :ink specific-ink)    ;;this is here 
> because in the real
>           ;; program the ink used is
>           ;; dependent upon a parameter
>             (format stream "~a" string))))
> the circles position is properly scaled but the text and its border doesn't 
> move no matter
> what I set the scale value to.  Am I missing something?  Is there a cure?  
> Thanks for any help.
> By the way whats the status of the Symbolics CLIM 2.0?



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