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Re: scaling problem

my impression is/was that CLIM doesn't handle font-scaling at all.
what we want is something like macintosh-style on-the-fly
font-scaling. when display postscript is available in a year or so
that will become easy (maybe it already is, and CLIM just doesn't do
it). (ATM would be the ideal in-between function here.)

i dont' know if it's a built-in feature of X in general. I find the
choices of fonts (i.e., with-text-style) to be not pleasant at all,
and very cryptic. i'd like to say (make-text-style :bookman 12 :bold
:italic :underline ...) and have that be what it very obviously means.
perhaps this is actually easier than I think, if I use the CLX
primitives. I'm not an 'Xpert' :)

i also notice that OpenLook has completely different font-handling, so
that our code is not exctly portable (large fonts came out as TR12).
in Motif they look fine, but that's where I wrote the stuff. I don't
know what is different about the font-server to fix it.

 -- clint

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