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Re: scaling problem

    Date: Wed, 18 Nov 1992 13:58 EST
    From: Clinton Hyde <>

    my impression is/was that CLIM doesn't handle font-scaling at all.
    what we want is something like macintosh-style on-the-fly
    font-scaling. when display postscript is available in a year or so
    that will become easy (maybe it already is, and CLIM just doesn't do
    it). (ATM would be the ideal in-between function here.)

    i dont' know if it's a built-in feature of X in general. I find the
    choices of fonts (i.e., with-text-style) to be not pleasant at all,
    and very cryptic. i'd like to say (make-text-style :bookman 12 :bold
    :italic :underline ...) and have that be what it very obviously means.
    perhaps this is actually easier than I think, if I use the CLX
    primitives. I'm not an 'Xpert' :)

    i also notice that OpenLook has completely different font-handling, so
    that our code is not exctly portable (large fonts came out as TR12).
    in Motif they look fine, but that's where I wrote the stuff. I don't
    know what is different about the font-server to fix it.

     -- clint

In CLIM 2.0, you can do this:

  (setf (text-style-mapping <port> <text-style>) <font>)

to get any mapping you want.  You can define new text style attributes,
too, if you want.  You can also define "device fonts".

CLIM 1.1 has these facilities, but they are harder to use.

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