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Re: scaling problem

    Date: Wed, 18 Nov 1992 17:23 EST
    From: Clinton Hyde <>

    ;;In CLIM 2.0, you can do this:
    ;;  (setf (text-style-mapping <port> <text-style>) <font>)
    ;;to get any mapping you want.  You can define new text style attributes,
    ;;too, if you want.  You can also define "device fonts".
    ;;CLIM 1.1 has these facilities, but they are harder to use.

    aahhh, this is very nice. I looked, and the appearance is:

    (text-style-mapping <x-display-device> NIL <clim-text-style> <window>)

    which is OK with me. I haven't tried to SETF this, but if that

The SETFer won't work in CLIM 1.1, it's something like
ADD-TEXT-STYLE-MAPPING (or something like that).

    (i found this by tracing clim::text-style-mapping, for those who want
    to see for themselves)

    or course that still leaves the Q of scaling the text, but it means
    that I can use most any font I can get to...which at the moment isn't
    really all that many (perhaps 6-8 typefaces, with 10-20 fonts each).

     -- clint


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