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Re: Bug in filling-output?

    Date: Fri, 4 Dec 1992 04:13 EST

    >    Date: Wed, 2 Dec 1992 06:44 EST
    >    From:
    >    [...]
    >Most of CLIM's design is driven by analyzing user's needs.  To the best
    >of my knowledge, practically nothing in CLIM is "typical hacker-driven
    >software design".  Note that there was no intention to include
    >FILLING-OUTPUT in CLIM at all, except that a number of users requested
    >that we do so during the CLIM 1.0 Beta test.

    As I'm impressed of the overall architecture of CLIM, which is very well
    designed, I was surprised of the bad integration of indenting-output and 
    filling-output. If these features were put in user-requested add-on's, thats
    an explanation. 

If you are interested, the basic problem in CLIM with having
INDENTING-OUTPUT *inside* of FILLING-OUTPUT is that the CLIM filling
stream doesn't have any good way of noticing that there is an
INDENTING-OUTPUT in force inside of it.  This is due (at least in part)
to a short-cut in the design and implementation of CLIM's encapsulating
stream facility.  At the time, this short-cut seemed justified (and for
the most part, it is a very effective short-cut).  But there are a few
problems with it, and unfortunately it's rather hard to go back and fix
this now.

		    It was not my intention to critize anything more than this
    limited integration and documentation. It just took me the rest of the night
    to get nothing working -- I should not mail having too little sleep...
    Please excuse my bad and accusing writing style!

That's OK.  We're all justified in getting angry when our time is


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