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> Date: Wed, 16 Dec 1992 10:24:04 +0100
> From: friha lamia <>

> Has anyone any experience with CLIM and dynamic objects like these?

> Is dynamic updating feasible, efficient and effective with CLIM.

If I understand your problem correctly, we have indeed built such a
planning and scheduling system (the TRAINS project, separate TR series
available from my department). The executor is written in CLIM, which
gets plans from the planner and the user can then interact with the
"world" simulation (which includes a number of simulated agents who must
communicate with each other to acheive their planned goals, as well as
do individual planning. NL front end. Separately we are developing a
tool for CLIM interaction directly with the user as part of the NL front
end (to add a visial componenet to the interchange, and allow the user
to use the pointing device to specify, e.g. "move **that** engine to

At any rate, yes, CLIM is quite adequate for this type of problem.
Animation, on the other hand is NOT adequately addressed by CLIM. We
update our display only in discreate time "jerks", e.g. the user
specifies that 6 minutes of running time should be simulated, and show
the result. At that point, the user can fiddle with the plans of agents,
send additional commands, etc. If you need any sort of smooth animation,
I think just about any widget/ui library will tend to get in your way...
you need to do things at the CLX level (or lower?), and just bitblit.
(I'm not an animation expert by any means, but I did try to do second by
second updating in CLIM/Dynamic Windows and found it tedious (each
presentation must be erased and then redisplayed) and much too slow...
frame by frame would be 30*worse).

If you have further questions about our system, or would like to discuss
your plans further, feel free to send me private email.

Brad Miller


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