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CLIM on X screen

   Date: Wed, 16 Dec 1992 16:36+0200
   From: Vincent Keunen <nrb!>
   Reply-To: nrb!

       Date: Sat, 12 Dec 1992 01:42+0200
       From: (Bill York)

       2) Use the CLX back-end of CLIM instead of the Genera back-end:
	  (open-root-window :clx :host "sgi-name")

   Can this be used to open a clim window in MacX?  What I'd like to do is
   have several native macintoshes running MacX and displaying clim windows
   for a symbolics 3650.

This should work, although I have never tried it.  Does the standard
Genera release of CLIM still include the CLX back-end?  Is it loaded
automatically, or is it optional?

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