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Re: Questions concerning Pointer Documentation

    Date: Thu, 17 Dec 1992 10:23 EST
    From: Clinton Hyde <>

    ;;In the moment, I think, the bars are just CLX windows and there are no
    ;;commands (and no translators) bound to them, therefore there can't be
    ;;a pointer documentation. Will that be the same in 2.0?

    actually, it's worse. i'm using motif with clim2, so it looks nice,
    but the scroll-bars have no mouse-doc, and command buttons don't
    either, and have no default highlighting. this takes a little getting
    used to.

Motif does not have any concept of pointer documentation, nor does it
have the concept of highlighting buttons.  I could argue that it is
purely optional as to whether pointer documentation should appear when
the pointer is over any Motif gadget (although I think it would be
nice), and I would argue that it is definitely wrong to add highlighting
to things like Motif buttons because that it not part of the Motif

    if you create a command-menu pane and use it, those commands will
    highlight and mouse-doc as before. but you'll also get another
    command-menu bar at the top of the frame, and these buttons are the
    motif-looking buttons, which do not.

You can use :MENU-BAR NIL to get rid of that menubar, I bet.

    I can probably live without the highlighting, but I'd really like the
    mouse-doc to still be active.

     -- clint



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