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Re: Formatting table...

;;    > There is no CENTERING-OUTPUT.  Although it would indeed "be nice", we
;;    > did not consider it generally useful.  As "proof", you are the very
;;    > first request in the two years since CLIM 1.0 has been out.
;;    Well, maybe no one thought to ask?
;;Perhaps, but people have been pretty prolific in their requests for
;;features, and this one has only now just made it.  You could implement
;;such a feature and put it in the CLIM library (that's my mantra).

allow me to echo the original request. I have some stuff I'd like
centered in the pane, especially when it's smaller than the pane. it
does sound non-difficult to do, on the surface.

;;Ah.  Try CLIM:SELECT-FILE.  Maybe CER didn't think that it was the right
;;thing to make the pathname ptype do this automagically.

this looks interesting. the keyword options are totally non-obvious.
fortunately, guessing at a bad one tells you the list of legal ones...

it would be good if this WERE the automagic thing for pathnames...i
suspect that's easy to do, just diddle the ACCEPT method...

count me amongst the vocal!

 -- clint


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