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Presentation menu questions.

    Date: Wed, 15 Sep 1993 11:41 EDT
    From: Gregory M Anderson <>

    I'm having two problems with the printed output of items displayed 
    in the :menu mouse gesture menu.

    1) When I define a translator that passes multiple objects, i.e.

      (define-presentation-to-command-translator foo-tran
	  (my-type foo my-frame)
	(object frame)
	`(,object ,frame))

      (define-sectors-frame-command (foo
	    :menu "Print this in the menu.")
	  ((object 'my-type) (frame 'my-frame))

Could you make a small failing application for me?  The apps I have all
do exactly what I expect.

      The menu comes up with an corresponding printed representation
       "Print this in the menu #<PACKAGE::FRAME 123456789>"

      CLIM seems to want to display a printed representation of the 
      second argument.  I want to suppress it.

    2) In some cases I want to delete the :menu mouse action altogether,
       but defining a
	    (define-presentation-to-command-translator foo
		(my-type command frame :menu nil)
       seems to be determined to add the :menu gesture to the mouse, although
       it does remove the item from the menu.  So what I end up with is a
       :menu gesture documented in the mouse line, and an empty menu.
       Probably confusing to the end user, wouldn't you think?

In the CLIM I am running, I don't get the menu translator offered unless
there is something in the menu.

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