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Subject: Bug in coordinate-sorte-set-output-record-history
A while back, Massimo Paolucci <> posted:

	I have thie following error when I try to run my program (run-interface):

	> (run-interface)
	>>Error: The element #<CLIM::UPDATING-OUTPUT-RECORD /x 315:357 y
	230:247/ 11A34E16> was not found in

To which I believe someone posted a patch.  I am getting this same error
in on a Symbolics, and on a Sun running Franz Allegro CL (in both 
CLIM 1.1 and 2.0).  Would some kind soul please repost or email me
the patch(es) if they could?

For the folks at Symbolics, I do have software support (machine serial
number 2031).

Thanks to all,

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