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Output recording and presentations

    Date: Mon, 11 Oct 1993 12:16 EDT
    From: Brian Anderson 234-0878 <>


    I have noticed that even though output recording is shutdown (using
    clim:with-output-recording-options to turn it off) calls to
    clim:with-output-as-presentation (and also
    clim:with-new-output-record) seem to still take affect.  Is this the
    way its supposed to be?  Or do I have to check with
    clim:stream-recording-p?  Isn't a presentation considered an output
    record and therefore should be affected by the status of output
    recording on the stream?

WITH-OUTPUT-AS-PRESENTATION turns output recording back on for you,
but I can't recall the reason why it does this.  I think it's probably
a bug.

Note that higher level formatted output frobs, like FORMATTING-TABLE,
do turn output recording on.  I believe that this is probably correct,
since you can't actually format the output correctly otherwise.  But I
wonder if, when such things are called with output recording off, the
resulting output record should not be added to the output history.

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