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Availability of CLIM 2.0?

Hi there,

this is a non-technical question, but nevertheless...

During the last weeks I've been asked more and more by our
management if it wouldn't be wise to switch to something other
than CLIM (is there something called "C" around??) if
there are only announcements about CLIM 2.0, but no

We are using CLIM 1.1 under Lucid and MCL. Under Genera 
we also have CLIM 2.0, but we cant afford to develop 
in two parallel streames (1.1 and 2.0 are too different).
Our applications are beyond a prototype status and we
need to support a motif-like look&feel under UNIX.

I tried to contact, but my mail bounced.
So I'm asking the net:

Are there any released versions of CLIM 2.0 out there besides
Genera? Are any release dates scheduled? 
Are there any beta versions available (esp. for LUCID 
and MCL, I noticed people are using 2.0 beta from Franz)?

And while I'm on it, is anyone besides Symbolics supporting
CLIM on PCs?

Thanks for any info - Stefan Bernemann


;;; - Stefan Bernemann   (


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