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Re: Availability of CLIM 2.0? writes:
 > this is a non-technical question, but nevertheless...

This is a good basic question that will be addressed in the FAQ that is
currently being organized (and is admitedly late).

 > Are there any released versions of CLIM 2.0 out there besides
 > Genera? Are any release dates scheduled? 
 > Are there any beta versions available (esp. for LUCID 
 > and MCL, I noticed people are using 2.0 beta from Franz)?

At this year's Lisp Users and Vendors conference, there were a number of
new CLIM2 ports that were being demonstrated.  The ones I recall seeing
were Symbolics, Lucid, Franz, and Harlequin.  Some of these were in Alpha
release, others in Beta, only Genera was officially released.  I don't want
to comment on pre-release software, so I'll let the appropriate vendors say
what their plans are.  However, we have used two of the UNIX-based CLIM2
implementations, and have been very pleased with the stability and
functionality of one that is in Beta test.



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