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:INHERIT-MENU in define-command-table

CLIM2.0b, Allegro4.2b

Thanks for the help with my previous queries.

I'm now trying to use the :INHERIT-MENU item in define-command-table.

According to my printed documentation, its value should be a boolean:


  Normall, a menu does not inherit any menu items from its parents.
  When inherit-menu is t, menu items will be inherited.

In the demo code (graphics-editor), however, the value :KEYSTROKES
seems to be passed (implicitly - this is inside

   :inherit-from (accept-values-pane
   :inherit-menu :keystrokes
   :menu (("File" :menu graphics-editor-file-commands :mnemonic #\F)
	  ("Edit" :menu graphics-editor-edit-commands :mnemonic #\E )
	  ("Options" :menu graphics-editor-option-commands :mnemonic

My bet is that :KEYSTROKES will not be interpreted as "non-nil" and
thus equivalent to T in this case.

In any case, I can't seem to get :INHERIT-MENU T to work as I would
expect it naively to work, i.e., (at least logically) duplicate the
menu items into the child command table.  Behavior of a pulldown menu
tied to this comtab is identical with and without :INHERIT-MENU T.

Following the demo example, is it possible that :INHERIT-MENU should
be something like :MENU-ITEM?  Can someone provide me with the beneift
of his/her experience?


Andrew Philpot
Recom Technologies/NASA Ames

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