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Right-click on gadgets

   Date:	Wed, 17 Nov 1993 07:54:10 -0800
   From:	Rick Duffy <>

   >> What is the simplest CLIM mechanism I can use to allow a
   >> right-click on a gadget in an accept-values pane to trigger
   >> some other command (such as help)?
   >CLIM 2.0 does not provide a mechanism to modify the behavior of gadgets
   >implemented by toolkits such as Motif.

   I wanted to try to display some stuff to the user via gadgets.  Besides
   being able to change the values, I want to allow the user to gesture to the
   value in some way to express approval or concern.  Right-clicking on the
   gadget itself seemed a direct way to do this.  Though portability and
   conformance to style is a concern, I am experimenting with different, maybe
   new, HCI ideas, so the ability to play with these ideas is really the top

As was mentioned above, the exact behavior of an "adapted" gadget from
a toolkit like Motif isn't under CLIM's control.  However, if you are
experimenting, you could trade off Motif look-and-feel compliance for
freedom to specify your own interface by using "CLIM look and feel"
gagets in your dialogs.

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