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Re: mouse cursors

  Date: Thu, 9 Dec 93 19:00:07 EST
  From: chyde@BBN.COM

  #+ACL 4.2pre-rel
  #+clim-2 pre-rel

  I want some more choices for mouse-cursors. at the moment, i need the
  "i-beam" text-insertion cursor. later I will probably want more.

  any suggestions as to how to get more? I've tried out the entire list
  mentioned in the book, and I'me using a bunch of them, but they're not
  enough. is there a way to get access to more of them?

In CLIM 2 on Allegro, the mapping of CLIM cursor names to X mouse cursors
is given in the variable tk-silica::*xt-cursor-type-alist*. By default this

(defparameter *xt-cursor-type-alist*
    '((:default 132)
      (:vertical-scroll 116)
      (:scroll-up 114)
      (:scroll-down 106)
      (:horizontal-scroll 108)
      (:scroll-left 110)
      (:scroll-right 112)
      (:busy 150)
      (:upper-left 134)
      (:upper-right 136)
      (:lower-left 12)
      (:lower-right 14)
      (:vertical-thumb 112)
      (:horizontal-thumb 114)
      (:button 132)
      (:prompt 132)
      (:move 52)
      (:position 34)))

If you want to add any other cursor types, first find the code in
/usr/include/X11/cursorfont.h and add it to the above alist

For example the "i-beam" cursor is XC_xterm which is 152. So adding the
following association to *xt-cursor-type-alist* should work:

	(:i-beam 152)

Hope this is of some use.

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