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CLIM with multiple frames

    Date: Sat, 11 Dec 1993 23:38 EST
    From: "(Cody C.T. Kwok" <>


            Is there any portable way to generate 2 or more windows that
            stays on the screen simutaneiously with CLIM and are created
            during run time by a single application?

OPEN-WINDOW-STREAM will create a window for doing i/o on.

            Allegro 4.1/4.2beta2.0

            It can be done with multitasking package (i.e. running multiple
            run-frame-top-level) but this is not portable.  

                                                            I might be missing
            something,  but this seems to be a major constraint on CLIM.
            I'd think the top-level loop could just poll every "child frame"
            and read their commands.  But somehow CLIM does not allow this
            functionality and without the CLIM source code implementing another 
            event-loop is the last thing I'd want to do....

There are also "activity frames" that do exactly this.  You should ask
your support person at Franz about these.

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