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Re: CLIM with multiple frames

    Date: Tue, 14 Dec 1993 10:26 EST
    From: Daniel D Suthers <>

    >            Is there any portable way to generate 2 or more windows that
    >            stays on the screen simutaneiously with CLIM and are created
    >            during run time by a single application?
    > ...
    >            CLIM1.1/CLIM2.0beta2.0
    > ...
    >            It can be done with multitasking package (i.e. running multiple
    >            run-frame-top-level) but this is not portable.  
    > CLIM-SYS:MAKE-PROCESS is portable.

    I'd like to qualify that. In MCL2.0 Clim1.1 it is in clim-utils: and it
    returns nil. 

You're right, but as you know, I haven't made any claims about CLIM 1.1
for a very long time.  Yes, I know that's all you have, but I'm afraid
that's out of my control.

    This also bothers me about Clim (as evidenced by extensive discussion
    last summer) -- passive highlighting means you have to have a process
    busy-waiting, so you can't use MCL's nice event-driven processing that
    lets you have several active windows up which the user can utilize as
    he/she desires.

I guess I'm being dumb, but I don't understand this.  I also don't
recall any discussion about this (although I do recall an extensive one
about how pointer buttons are assigned for MCL).

    But a question ...
    > OPEN-WINDOW-STREAM will create a window for doing i/o on.

    If one does multiple open-window-streams within the scope of a single
    run-application-frame, does the command processor check all windows?
    I.e., is this a *portable* solution to having multiple windows up, all
    of which are sensitive to a passive (unclicked) pointer? Or does all
    control/sensitivity switch to that window until it is closed?

If the multiple windows share an i/o buffer, the answer is, yes.

I am quite sure have I answered this exact question at least a dozen
times.  Is there anyone out there who has time to go through the CLIM
archive to produce a FAQ?

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