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Re: CLIM with multiple frames

> -- passive highlighting means you have to have a process
>    busy-waiting, so you can't use MCL's nice event-driven processing that
>    lets you have several active windows up which the user can utilize as
>    he/she desires.
> I'm curious what you suggest as an alternative.  MCL's "nice
> event-driven processing" still requires a process to be polling
> (events don't get processed while Lisp is executing unless special
> care is taken).

What I learned from the previous disccussion is that there is no
alternative, unless changing the behavior of CLIM on this platform were
considered an alternative. (E.g., chuck passive highlighting and have
the usual mac 1-click to select, double-click to act, where these would
apply the innermost presentation. Then you could use event-driven
processing to have multiple windows active without multiple processes.
Of course behavior that differs to this degree is problematic in terms
of portability and what it means to have a Clim "standard".)

>    I.e., is this a *portable* solution to having multiple windows up, all
>    of which are sensitive to a passive (unclicked) pointer? Or does all
>    control/sensitivity switch to that window until it is closed?
> CLIM's input loop will deal with all streams which share the same
> input buffer.  You can use the STREAM-INPUT-BUFFER accessor to
> retrieve one stream's buffer and assign it to another stream.

Great! Thanks to both of you ...

> I am quite sure have I answered this exact question at least a dozen
> times.  Is there anyone out there who has time to go through the CLIM
> archive to produce a FAQ?

The FAQ should go into the documentation, in a well-indexed chapter on
programming idioms for things people often want to do. 
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