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Re: Motif menu-bar behavior.

  Date: Wed, 15 Dec 93 19:37:52 -0800
  From: Colin Meldrum <>
    in looking at some Motif apps (written in "C" [shudder]), I see that
    they have a pulldown/cascade-button on the right hand end of the
    menu-bar, usually it's "Help", with the normal pulldowns at the left
    end. is there a way to get clim to do this?
  This is not currently supported in CLIM 2.0 on Allegro. It would be fairly
  simple to implement - the hardest part being deciding on how you want to
  control this from CLIM. Do you have any suggestions?
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This might already be supported.  Menu bars are specified like this:

(define-application-frame fred ()
  (:command-table (fred :inherit-from (fred-commands)
			      :menu (("File" :menu file :mnemonic #\F)
				     ("Window" :menu window :mnemonic #\W)
				     ("Help" :menu help :mnemonic #\H))))

So if I do this:

(add-menu-item-to-command-table (find-command-table 'help)

I should think that I would get an entry in the HELP menu called "Tutorial"
whose submenu is generated from a command table called tutorial-commands.



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