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Re: Motif menu-bar behavior.

      I wonder whether motif-CLIM should simply look for a pulldown menu
      labelled "Help" and set that up to be the RowColumnWidget's
      menuHelpWidget. Perhaps only if its the last one... in the menu
    Sounds like a good suggestion. This change won't make it in for 2.0 final,

Sorry, but this won't do any good for non-english UIs!

    but will instead be released as a patch. If anyone particularly needs this
    for beta2, let me know and I'll make up a beta2 patch.
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*** Folks, please be aware that language customization is a very
*** important point for programming a UI and so for tools supporting it!!!

To be more constructive:

What about providing some special menu item which acts like a "filler",
i.e. it takes up all remaining space so that all items which follow the
filler are right-aligned? (of course this filler menu item would need
a presentation type associated with it).
The concept of filler menu items could also be used for "column type" 
menus, for example a window which represents some tool bar and where some
items should be located at the bottom.

Stefan B.

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