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Re: reducing time overhead of text display (in 1.1)

    Date: Wed, 22 Dec 1993 18:42 EST

	Date: Wed, 22 Dec 1993 16:38 EST
	From: Bruce R. Miller <>

	It seems to me that I have a prime candidate for this kind of treatment.
	My application has a sort of `outline' pane; Sort of like the lispm's File System Ed.
	There are a list of items with indented sub-items with ...  
	Each can be opened & closed.  Each is a presentation of some sort and
	takes up _exactly_ 1 line of display. [some do have presentations as
	parts, though] 

	Fine, but some items have ~1000 sub-items.  This gets pretty slow for
	redisplay, especially considering at most 20-30 are on the screen at any

	Finally, I'd like to have some finer control over scrolling.  At times I
	need to make a particular item visible:  open it & it's superiors and
	then scroll the pane to the right place.

	Am I right that this is a natural candidate?  

    This is such a natural candidate, that I already have an implementation
    of it.  It is not completely debugged -- it's got one very mysterious
    fencepost error in it.  Would you like me to send it to you?  If I do,
    you have to promise to send me back any bugfixes and generally useful
    improvements you might make to it...

Sure, I'll have a shot at that.  As it is, I'm unclear about where to
start on the whole thing.

Which brings me to agree with the others on the subject of
documentation.  You recently (pre) announced a book on CLIM, which I
will probably be interested in buying, btw, unless it happens to be part
of Genera Maintenance  (wish, wish).

I also fetched a rather hefty postscript CLIM 2. spec. but couldn't
quite figure out how to print it.  Just how many pages _is_ it?
I dont have a printer that I can tie up/trust with such a job;  I tried
some utility to break it into chunks, but that didn't seem to work.

Hypertext is wonderful, but for some things, such as getting the
overall, holistic, feel for a major, complicated piece of software,
there's nothing like a physical artifact in your lap.


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