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Re: problems with menus and interactors [spr9900]

  Date: Tue, 11 Jan 1994 16:38:07 +0100
  From: Stefan Hegny <>

  [...] The problem is, after one command has 
  been selected from the menu, you can't type anything to the interactor 
  any more.

  It works when I replace ":menu local" with ":command (com-test)", but in
  our application there will be menus instead of simple commands. It even 
  doesn't work with this single command in the menu.
We've got a similar problem with Motif menu bars and accept values

Once a menu is pulled down, no field in the AV Pane can be edited anymore.
That is, gadgets dont't take keyboard input and "normal" accepts
can't even be aborted.
Colin couldn't reproduce this behavior.

But I can reproduce the behavior of Stefan's example.

May be it's a problem with an outdated Motif library (we have 1.2 or
so), but we haven't figured out this yet.

Stefan, what Motif version do You use?

Frank Buhr.


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