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    Date: Mon, 17 Jan 1994 14:41 EST


    The latest version of my frame text editor is now uploaded to the
    clim-1/ed directory of the CLIM repository. The file clim-1/ed.tar.Z is
    the old version and should be removed. The README file in the directory
    contains some info. If anyone uses it and ports it to new platforms or
    makes useful modifications, please let me know. And suggestions for new
    functionality are of course welcome.

    Note, that some of the documented commands must be given as argument
    to the Ed Command command, instead of being typed directly to the minibuffer
    and in a low level format. E.g. instead of typing Previous Line, you must type 
    Ed Command ed:previous-line. Most of the commands that are like this are easier
    to invoke through menus or keys anyway, that's why I've never bothered fixing 

    Hallvard Traetteberg
    KBS section.
    Oslo, Norway.

Could somebody tell me why I can no longer get a directory listing of
anything in /pub/clim any more?  I can get files if I am so lucky as to
know the pathname, but I can't get any directories.  Are there some
files with their permissions set too restrictively?  Does anyone know
how to fix this?


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