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Polling Composite Gadget.


I need a gadget which can poll various objects within an application
which runs autonomously from any GUI.  Ideally, it could be
implemented as a composite gadget which would take an argument
determining the number of seconds between polls.  Then, the gadget
would call a (setf gadget-value) on each of it's children with
the appropriate value obtained from the autonomous application.
Then the value-gadges would each have a method on (setf gadget-value)
so that they could update the display accordingly.  

How would I implement this?

Here are the choices that I see:

	o   Place a timer-event in the composite objects queue so that
	    it will be able to determine whether the specified number
            of seconds has passed and then update the children gadgets
    	    accordingly.  (Will this work?)

	o   Change the read-eval-print loop to handle composite
	    polling gadgets.  (I don't like this since it provides 
  	    an awkward interface).  

Any opinions and or suggestions would be very appreciated.




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