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Re: multiple-color drawing...

        Date: Mon, 24 Jan 1994 10:20 EST
        But how can I use SURROUNDING-OUTPUT-WITH-BORDER to do the trick of drawing a 
        filled (and opaque) background rectangle *behind* the surrounded stuff?
        ;;; - Stefan Bernemann   (
    I may be missing a critical part of this discussion, but I believe that
    surrounding-output-with-border DOES arrange to draw the border `behind'
    the surrounded stuff.  The source even anounces that it is kludged to
    make that so.
    Further, surrounding-output--- accepts drawing options so that you can
    specify :filled t and whatever ink.  
    For example, the following does something like what I'm thinking you
    want [It's on a lispm where black text on white is default.  This
    puts white text on a black rectangular background of appropriate size]. 
      (let ((s *standard-output*))
        (with-room-for-graphics (s)
          (surrounding-output-with-border (s :shape :rectangle :filled t)
            (with-drawing-options (s :ink +white+)
              (format s "Hello!!!")))))
OOps - It seems that I dont have the hottest documentation on that. I think
that under CLIM 1.1 it draw only 'over' the surrounded stuff(?). My documentation
(I'm using Lucid 2.0b) and my version of the specification dont say anything
about this topic. What about these additional parameters (like :filled)?
Can I use my own parameters when I define my own border type? (Oh yes, is 
there a parameter option that makes SURROUNDING-OUTPUT-WITH-BORDER draw 'over'
its body?)

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