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Re: Quickie question on resizing

    Date: Tue, 25 Jan 1994 16:14 EST
    From: Curt Eggemeyer <>

    >     I can't find in my records of prior queries so please excuse my redundancy
    >     in asking the following question.
    >     What is the method called that I can stick a before method to dynamically
    >     change my text sizes within my panes on my application if the user resizes it?
    > What do you mean by "dynamically change [your] text sizes"?
    I'm sorry I guess its not so dynamic. I met that when the user changes the
    size of the application in motif or openwindows on the screen (make the
    application window smaller) I want to setf (medium-text-style of-each-pane)
    to a smaller size.

I suppose you could wrap put "wrapper" on the ALLOCATE-SPACE method for
you pane classes.  ALLOCATE-SPACE gets called with the width and height
for the pane.

Note that changing the text style for an output recording stream does
not affect anything already drawn on that stream.

    What method is invoked on the application frame when the user from X, via the
    mouse, changes an application's size?


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