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Hi, We are in the process of trying to port our application to the
Mac, using CLIM 1.1 for the Mac, and MCL.  Following are some of the
problems we've been having.  They are presented briefly here, in the
hopes that you already have and can send us patches for some of them.
If you need more information about any particular problem (test cases,
etc.), please let me know, and I will try to accommodate you.
Thank you,
Suzanne Paley
SRI International
CLIM:SET-FRAME-LAYOUT causes an error.  Using the standard window-resize
boxes causes the same error.  Sample text for the error is:
> Error:  The window containing #<CORAL-WINDOW-STREAM-VIEW /x 0:100 y 0:100/ #xDC5231> has been closed.
When something is drawn on a display pane that doesn't fit in the
viewport, the scrollbars don't work.  No thumbnail scroller appears in
the scrollbar, and the ends of the scrollbar are inactive.  In effect,
there is no way to reposition the viewport using the scrollbars (this
is not true of the listener pane, which has a working scrollbar, and
occasionally error messages get printed at the bottom of the display pane,
which then acquires a working scrollbar).
CLIM::COLOR-STREAM-P seems to be missing.  Is there another way to determine
if a monitor supports color?
CLIM:FRAME-EXIT doesn't seem to do anything.
Whereas the Lucid version of CLIM 1.1 pushes :clim1.1 onto the *features*
list, the MCL version uses :clim-1.1 instead, so that our #+ and #-
advisories are not portable.
Even with a 256-color monitor and *gray-colors-via-patterns* set to nil,
a gray made with (CLIM:MAKE-GRAY-COLOR .6) shows up as white.



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