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Re: MCL CLIM bugs

There are patches for at least some of the problems you report. You can
get them from the ftp library in

> When something is drawn on a display pane that doesn't fit in the
> viewport, the scrollbars don't work.  No thumbnail scroller appears in
> the scrollbar, and the ends of the scrollbar are inactive.  In effect,

I was told to fix this with the following at the end of my display method:
       ;; Required to get the scrollbars to work. 
       #+:MCL (clim::redisplay-decorations stream)
it helps but I still get situations where I can't scroll after an error
message has gone to my output window.

> CLIM:SET-FRAME-LAYOUT causes an error.  Using the standard window-resize
> boxes causes the same error.  Sample text for the error is:
> > Error:  The window containing #<CORAL-WINDOW-STREAM-VIEW /x 0:100 y 
> 0:100/ #xDC5231> has been closed.

Known as the "premature pane death" bug, see below.

Below is a brief description of some of the patches I use - I wrote this
up a while ago so it's incomplete.

double-click-patch.fasl (binhex)
  From: (Dennis Doughty)
  Purpose: makes double-click interpreted as right-button, NOT BOTH
left-button and
  then right-button as it was. Crashes mac if you click too fast (while

  From: William M. York <>
  MCL CLIM1.1 patch for ensuring that the correct presentation is highlighted
  when presentations are nested.

  From: William M. York <>
  MCL CLIM1.1 patch for ensuring that some calls to delete-output-record on 
  overlapping records don't fail to find valid record.

premature-pane-death-patch.fasl (binhex)
  From: William M. York <>
  Purpose: Ensures that panes that are not displayed are not closed.
  (Previously, with multiple panes and one not displayed in a layout, a closed
  stream error was generated when attempting to switch to a layout with
the pane.)
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