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MacIvory, Genera 8.1.1 (Clim 27.5)  (I think that's CLIM 1.1).
(Yes, we do have newer versions of Genera, just none installed.)

I have an accepting values window in a pane.  What I want to accept in
one spot is a (possibly null) sequence of, say, integers.  (Actually, they're
complex objects that you can't type in.)  If I give the type as
then I see the initial (null) value as "NONE" and I can click on it and
could type in new integers *but* I can't click on integers (elsewhere on
the screen) to input them.  

If I give this type to an ACCEPT outside of an ACCEPTING-VALUES, I'm not
able to click on the integers to accept them.

If I have the type as
I get an empty presentation of the default value of NIL.  There is a
presentation whose size is 0x0 (ie, impossible to click on it).  I
don't get the "NONE" so I can't select the previous (null) value to
change it.  

If I give this type to an ACCEPT outside of an ACCEPTING-VALUES, it
allows me to click on the integers to input them.

I guess I see this as a problem of the presenting an empty SEQUENCE.
I have to guess that other people ran into this but I looked back through
all the CLIM mail and couldn't find a reference to exactly this problem.

Is it resolved in later versions of CLIM?  Preferably, I'd rather have
a patch because we have Clim 1.1 for three OS's and I don't want to have
to maintain the code at different CLIM releases.  (Ok, so I haven't tried
this bug out on anything but this Genera version.)

Sample code (not in a application pane) would look something like
    (let ((wmt nil)
	  (str ...))
     (clim:accepting-values (str :own-window nil)
	(clim:present 1 'integer :stream str)
	(write-string " " str)
	(clim:present 2 'integer :stream str)
	(write-string " " str)
	(setq wmt 
	  (clim:accept '(OR NULL (SEQUENCE INTEGER))
		:default wmt
		:stream str))))


By the way, now that Scott McKay (and others) has changed companies, I
wonder if there is any *official* way to get Symbolics SW maintenance.
(Yes, I've used HW maintenance since Friday.)


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