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color definitions

   FYI, we've found that a given CLIM color can look very different on
   different monitors.  So a combination of colors that looks great on
   your Sun may look terrible on your Mac or SGI.  Very annoying...

This may be well known, but perhaps not...
Different monitors's have different transfer functions that go from
the RGB set values to the generated color. This transfer function is
approximated by what is known as the gamma. The labeling of an RGB
triple with a color name in a one step process ignores the monitor
transfer function modeled as gamma. To do this right one needs to
have a two step process. Color name -> RGB -> gamma corrected RGB.
An alternative is to build a custom color name -> RGB table for each
monitor type. Thus using the Sun's color table on an RS6000 will give
you funky colors.

Albert Boulanger


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